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The United States Chess Federation uses a highly organized and accurate rating system to give a number value to the playing strength of each of its members.

With this rating, you are able to see how you compare to other players.

The top 100 list is divided by age category, and lists the top 100 chess players in the nation by age category.

If you are an adult, getting on the top 100 list is a futile task. It would take dedicating your life to chess, studying 12 hours a day, having no job, and living at home with your parents.

For kids under the age of 14, getting on this list is relatively easy. The younger a child is, the easier it is.

A 7 year old, with a private chess coach one a week, and studying chess one hour a day with his parents, would find it easy to achieve a 1100 rating and make it onto the top 100 list. For a 16 year old, it would take significantly more work, and would require a 1700 rating.

Getting on the top 100 list will benefit a child in many ways:

  • What an accomplishment!
  • An accomplishment the child can be proud of for an entire life!
  • An accomplishment that can be put on college applications!
  • An accomplishment that can be put on job resumes!
  • An accomplishment that can dazzle future spouses!

Getting on the top 100 list can change a child’s life.

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