Best Chess Games Of Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer was crazy....crazy good at chess. Not many would argue with that. In him was a buring passion all directed towards chess.

The first 12 games in this list are extensively analyzed. Use this analysis to better your understanding of these terrific games. Generally when you look at chess games, you should make sure you understand each move that was played. The analysis will help you do this. Once you get the hang of it, try looking at chess games without analysis.

Bobby Fischer is probably the best chess player of all time. It is no surprise that he has his share of brilliancies. It is said in the book Chess Brilliancy that one in four of the brilliancies in the time of Fischer, were by Fischer. Pretty amazing considering there were thousands of professional players.

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Goldhamer vs Fischer Washington 1956 0-1 28 Imagine...Fischer was only 12 when he played this game.


Bredoff vs Fischer

San Francisco 1957 0-1 29 Ends with a backrank mate theme.


Fischer vs Bennett San Francisco 1957 1-0 40 Fischer winning clearly, slips and allows his opponent to active squares and nearly loses control.


Fischer vs Haines San Francisco 1957 1-0 38 Fischer plays a brilliant Ruy Lopez opening. Learn this opening and you will understand centralization and piece development.


Fischer vs Sholomson San Francisco 1957 1-0 30 Fischer shows the power of pawns in the center.


Fischer vs Walker San Francisco 1957 1-0 20 Fischer takes advantage of an early f-pawn advance from black.


Fischer vs Sherwin New York 1957 1-0 36 Utilizing some discovered attack threats and a back row mate, Fischer is able to strip his opponent of lots of material.


Fischer vs Kaime New York 1958 1-0 69 Fischer illustrates the power of the passed pawn.


Fischer vs Sanchez Santiago 1959 1-0 53 The Ruy Lopez opening is played in this game. Play through games like these and this opening and you will quickly understand centralization and piece development.


Fischer vs Gadia Mar Del Plata 1960 1-0 23 An outposted knight leads to doom.


Denker vs Fischer New York 1959 0-1 43 Fischer shows the proper way to use rooks.


Fischer vs Spasky 1972 Iceland 1-0 47 Game 6 of the World Championship match. This game is probably the most brilliant win of the Fischer vs. Spasky match


60 Memorable Games



      These are the games that Fischer chose to write on in his famous book "60 Memorable Games." These games are without commentary so you will have to do your best to figure them out.


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