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These are tough diagrams designed to help the Academic Chess instructors with their chess games.....

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1000 Diagrams

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Click on the picture for a bio of Chernev, one of the best beginning chess writers of all time. These are 1000 diagrams taken from his famous book "1000 Best Short Games of Chess"

1001 Combinations


Fred Reinfield is definately the most prolific chess book wriiter of all times. He has written over 100 chess books! See the complete list here.

A large sampling taken from Reinfield's famous book. 379 diagrams with answers. Stare at the problem until you got a solution then click forward to see the answer.
The most common tactic in chess, you should master these puzzles to gain proficiency in your most useful weapon.
Forks and other double attacks. A very useful weapon right up there with the pin.
It is recommend that you go through the back rank lesson first by clicking here. Treat these like exercises.
One of the most beautiful weapons of chess.
Passed pawns must be you will see why.
Two bishops can be super powerful if you know how to use them .These exercises will show you how.
Check out Kings being flushed out into the middle of the board!
Check out uncastled Kings being flushed out into the middle of the board!
Remove the attacker exercises.

Opening and Closing Files

Major pieces can do some serious damage on the right files..but sometimes those files need to be created.
The mighty Peek a Boo check in action.






















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