Bobby Fischer has "disappeared" to the bathroom and has asked you to take over...don't mess up! He might never come back!

Fischer Petrosian

Fischer - Popovych / Oklahoma 1956

This game was played when Fischer was 14. He was playing in the US Open which would be the first major tournament he would win. The position was taken from move 52 right as Fischer's opponent resigned. Can you prove Popovych had good reason to resign? This position could be a draw if you cannot find a way in the current position to win a pawn. An exchange advantage plus an extra pawn will be enough to win with ease.

Remember these points:

  • At some point you may want to trade your rook for the bishop to simply the position. Only do this when you are sure you will queen a pawn.
  • Do not trade all your need them to queen.
  • Rooks belong behind the passed pawns.
  • The King is a fighting piece!
  • Create Passed pawns!
  • Passed pawns must be pushed!
Fischer - Popovych / Oklahoma City 1956