Bobby Fischer has "disappeared" to the bathroom and has asked you to take over...don't mess up! He might never come back!

Fischer Petrosian

Fischer - Petrosian Buenos Aires 1971

This is no joke. These are the candidates math to decide who will challenge Boris Spasky in the 1972 World Championship of Chess. Tigran Petrosian, one of the top players in the world is matched with Fischer in the first round. Look at the picture above...that is Fischer and Petrosian in this match. In this Game Fischer is crrushing Petrosian with both rooks on the 7th file. Just before he can convert he has to go to the bathroom badly and asks you to takeover. Can you convert?

Remember these points:

  • Two rooks on the 7th file as you have them usually spells doom for your opponent. Don't waste this opportunity!
  • Look for powerful mate threats.
  • Black is helpless if you use your rooks right!
  • Take advantage of Petrosian's bad development.
  • Go for the checkmate!
Fischer - Petrosian Buenos Aires 1971