Bobby Fischer has "disappeared" to the bathroom and has asked you to take over...don't mess up! He might never come back!

Fischer Petrosian

Fischer - Baron / New York 1956

This game was played when Fischer was 14. The position was taken from move 53 right as Fischer's opponent resigned. Baron knew Fischer had what it takes to definately finish him off from this you?

Remember these points:

  • When your winning in material, trade pieces.
  • Do not trade all your need them to queen.
  • If you end up playing your rook against one minor piece, you may want to trade the rook for the piece if you get a definate winning position. (ie. superior king position)
  • The King is a fighting piece!
  • Create Passed pawns!
  • Passed pawns must be pushed!
Fischer - Baron / New York 1956