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Dual Champion Comeback!!!

(complete story to be in Cal Chess Journal this Month)


Bobby Fischer challenged IBM to a simultaneous exhibit claiming he could beat 25 Deep Blue Computers at one time. The secret deal was discovered by a Phillipine source and Fischer confidant last month and reported to a Cal Chess reporter. Public press releases are expected earlier next week.

A simul match against Deep Blue would be an outstanding feat considering in 1997, a single Deep Blue computer defeated World Chess Champion Gary Kasparov in a 6 game match. Reportedly, Fischer challenged the 25 Deep Blue Computers not only for money, but in order to prove once and for all that he is a superior player to Kasparov. When asked why he would not challenge Kasparov directly, Fischer answered curtly, “That guy doesn’t have any money.”

Fischer agreed to do the match only under the following 5 conditions: 1. IBM gets 25 full blown Deep Blue Computers lined up to play. No PC’s Allowed. 2. The computers must be self contained and not connected to the internet, and no GM’s are allowed to come within 50 feet of the machines during the match. 3. Fischer gets a single Deep Blue computer in his Philippine apartment so that he can fairly prepare for the match. 3. Win or lose the match Fischer takes home $1,000,000.00 4. Fischer is allowed to call off the match at anytime before, during or after the match. 5. And most importantly, no cameras will be allowed in the playing hall during the match.

IBM already agreed to the terms and has shipped an IBM mainframe computer loaded with Deep Blue software to Fischer in the Philippines. Fischer brags that it took 20 guys to lift the computer up the stairs to his apartment, and he has already outfitted the machine with a 25 inch plasma screen monitor. Fischer said he had to install two heavy duty air conditioning systems to offset the heat produced by the massive computer.

Last week the match suffered a set back when Philippine police raided Fischer’s home and were mystified by the Toyota-sized computer in his living room. According to one source, Fischer was inviting friends over regularly for video game parties on the world’s fastest computer. Apparently the computer was draining huge amounts of electricity, and Fischer’s monthly electric bill was over $3000, and this coupled with Fischer’s wacky behavior, led authorities to believe that Fischer was operating an illicit substance manufacturing plant in his residence. Fischer was detained briefly but released after the confusion was cleared. Fischer declined comment but said through an attorney that he plan’s to write a book about the ordeal entitled “ I Was Raided and Arrested by Philippine Police." The book will be offered on a website that is being created to cover the match.

According to Fischer's attorney, Fischer still plans to hold the match despite the glitch with Phillipine authorities. Although no date has been set, sources estimate the match will take place early 2005.








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