A game is ruled a draw in the following circumstances:

  • By mutual agreement at any point after the first move has been made.
  • If both sides have insufficient mating material.
  • A position repeats itself three times (score sheet is proof)
  • 52 moves without a piece capture or pawn push.
  • In the event of a stalemate (your opponent has no legal move)

Tournament Etiquette

  • Shake hands before and after the game.
  • No talking while the game is in progress.
  • Brush your teeth at least 24 hrs before the match.
  • Do not do anything to distract your opponent.
  • It is ok to walk around the tournament hall while you are waiting for your opponent to move as long as you get up and sit down quietly.
  • Do not comment on yours or any other game in progress, or accept comments from others.
  • If an illegal move is made, the tournament director should be summoned. In a tournament using a "Sudden Death" time control, the other player receives an extra two minutes when one player makes an illegal move.
  • If a dispute arises with your opponent, call over a tournament director immediately.

Tournament cheating

  • Getting tips from a friend as you are walking around.
  • Using any kind of assistance from a “cheat sheet” or recorder or any other device.
  • Looking at a chess book or chess computer at any time during a game.

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