Here are some of the worksheets that Academic Chess uses in the classrooms. We make them available for individual students, school sponsored chess clubs, and of course, all our past and current Academic Chess Students.

You will need Adobe Reader (free) to view these chess worksheets!

Egg Sheets

Piece Movement

Check Checkmate Stalemate or Nothing

Get Out of Check

Four Move Worksheet

Checkmate in 1 Worksheet

Castling Booklet!

Score Book




Snake Sheets

Opening Principles

Expanded Opening Principles

Promotion Worksheet

Mate in 2 Worksheet

Knight Forks #1

Knight Forks #2

Back Rank Mates

Skewer Mates

Smothered Mates


Beyond Snake Sheets!

Mate in 3

Grabsky Game

Internet Chess How to Sheet


Annotated Game Sheets

There are lots of annotated games lesson sheets in PDF, but you need to go to the individual games in our games section and then select "Print Game" to get a hold of the worksheet. Here are some example annotated games:

Fischer's Game of the Century

Morphy's Opera House Massacre

Annderrsen's immortal Game

Tal Vs Najdorf


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