“Chess is 99% tactics.” - Lasker

"Tactics are the beauty and the brilliance of chess." - Nick DeFirmian


Easy Puzzles

Drive you Crazy tough Puzzles


Solving chess Diagrams is the quickest way to better at Chess.


A diagram is one chess position that happened in a game. You must find the tactic that either leads to checkmate or wins material some how. Once you can solve these puzzles easily you will see a big jump in the number of games you win at chess.

The key is to challenge yourself to try to guess the move in the diagram. If it is hard for you to get the right answers, or do not understand the solutions, move down to some easier diagrams. Once you work out your brain mucles on the easier problems, try the harder problems again.


Tactical ability is like a muscle in your brain. The more exercises you do, the better your brain gets at tactics, and the more likely your brain will find them in your own game.

We at Academic Chess are a big believer in chess puzzles.


Easy Puzzles

Drive You Crazy Tough Puzzles



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