Chess Software

Did you know that PC Software recently drew Gary Kasparov in a 6 game match? That means you can have one of the top chess Grandmasters on your PC computer for less than $100. It is truly an amazing time for chess and computers.To read the huge impact chess computer softwars has had on chess, read this interview with World Champion Gary Kasparov by clicking here.


Chess Base

  • Chessbase - Recommended for serious players for chess opening preparation, and for those true game buffs who want millions of games at their fingertips. For just looking through games to learn from, we recommend you go through our analysed game collection by clicking here. But if you are a true fanatic, and want to look through thousands of games, nothing is better than looking through games in Chessbase! Also you can use Chessbase to view PGN games that you download from the internet. Chessbase used along with one of the playing engines is an incredible tool. As you look at games, you can see how the computer evaluates the postion, and what are the strongest moves the computer sees. Also Chessbase can build for you an opening tree based on the 2 million game collection offered by chessbase. When building this tree, you get a whopping 6 million move opening database, so that you can definately tell if you and your opponent were in "opening book" in post analysis.



Teaching Programs

  • Chess Mentor -Very good. None of the other chess teaching interfaces are to close this good. But it is expensive, if money is an issue consider the below:
  • Chessmaster 9000 - or any of the lesser chessmasters have fairly nice tutorials built in. Great product for the money.
  • Kasparov's Gambit - If you can find this software toolwork's creation (probably you can get it for under $5 these days, it has an amazing teaching material written by International Master Marc Leski, a former Academic Chess instructor.


Chess Playing Programs

Fritz - The best, and most rounded of the chess playing software packages. Gary Kasparov uses Fritz 8 to analyze his games after a tournament! A great feature filled program that plays at grandmaster strength. Easily hooks up to Chessbase to combine the powers of two.

Deep Junior - Tied Kasparov in the latest Man Vs. Machine match in 2003. This program, running on a multi-processor personal computer, pulled off several spectacular wins against Kasparov, the World Chess Champion.

Chess Master 9000 - Although this program is not as strong as the above chess engines, it is strong enough .And for the money this is by far the best value. Has all sorts of tricky gadgets to keep you entertained. For example play chess with Einstein, or on an almost life like 3d board.


Fritz 8


Chessmaster 8000


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