How much $$$$ should private lessons cost?

In San Francisco, we know of a non-ranked, non-USCF chess coach who we would consider a below average chess coach. Off of his private lesson proceeds he has bought a large house and lives a luxurious life. His charge for private lessons? Up to $160 an hour! You may pay the $160 an hour and not even get him for a coach. He recruits helpers who he charges the same rate for. This is a rip off and it happens across the country in well to do areas.


To avoid getting ripped off, consider the following:

Here are some considerations of cost:

  • Chess ranking. A titled player can cost you over $100 an hour. By asking one of these guys to teach your kids is like asking Michael Chang to teach your kid Tennis. It is prestigious, but is it really necessary? Just because someone is the best at playing chess does not mean they are the best at teaching it. Bobby Fischer might demand $10,0000 an hour, but whether your child could ever benefit from such instruction is a whole different question.
  • Coaching Resume- Which kids has this coach taught. How do those kids rank in the top 100 USCF list?
  • Teaching credentials
  • Kid Repoirtoire
  • Teaching Materials - Are you getting anything except for verbage? Prizes and printed curriculm do wonders to aid a kids improvement. One private coach video tapes the session at no extra cost.


Fair Rates:

  • Titled player - Over $100 an hour.
  • Proven chess coach who is a tournament player- $75 an hour.
  • Tournament player with a teaching resume - $50 an hour
  • An instructor who loves the game, loves your child, and teaches from the heart - Priceless.

Academic Chess Rates

  • $50 an hour for private lessons for a certified Academic Chess coach at your home or our center.
  • $30 an hour for a phone private lesson. Requires internet connection and phone line on separate line.

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