Are Private Lessons Something My Child Needs?

There are advantages and disadvantages of private lessons. Please read carefully if you are considering getting your child involved in private lessons.



  • A pro chess coach can motivate a child to study on his own.
  • A pro chess coach is great for analyzing a child's games.
  • With private lessons a child can learn at his/her own pace.
  • A pro chess coach can keep you posted on upcoming tournaments.
  • A pro chess coaches attend the local scholastic touraments to give your child moral support usually for free!



  • Expensive. And some coaches are con jobs.
  • Can be lonely.
  • Coaches skills can vary greatly. It is hard to find a good coach.
  • Can be boring.


Which kids can benefit from private lessons?

  • Kids who do not have the privilege of a school chess program.
  • Kids who are too young to be self-motivated.
  • Kids who thrive off of individual attention.
  • Advanced kids who need advanced tournament preparation.
  • Advanced kids who need direction in their studies.
  • All kids who can benefit from in depth game analysis.


Alternatives to private lessons

Remember, Bobby Fischer did not even have a private chess coack, (click here) There are plenty of ways to get good at chess without the expense of private instruction.


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