Academic Chess Private Lessons


The very best of the Academic Chess Instructors are made available to you for private lessons. You contract the instructor directly. We set you up with the right instructor with your child. Private lessons can be done in the comfort of your own home or in our center. If you live far away from an Academic Chess program, we offer private chess instruction via the internet and phone line.

We know our AC Insructors are good at private coaching because of the following:

  • They are USCF rated players
  • They are USCF certified coaches.
  • They are trained extensively in the art of private instruction and coaching.
  • They are the very best Academic Chess Instructors
  • They teach chess all the time so are experienced.
  • They have all the prizes and AC curriculm at their disposal.
  • They are aware and are present at all local tournaments.
  • They are TB Tested and Department of Justice Checked

The typical cost for an Academic Chess private Coach to teach your child privately for one hour is $50. This is an extremely fair rate, especially considering the caliber of the instructor you will receive.

To find the ideal Academic Chess Instructor for you, please email us at .

Click here for info on our method of teaching far away kids over the internet privately.

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