Academic Chess Online Private Lessons

Academic Chess is now proud to offer online chess instruction.

This is an innovative form of lesson that allows anyone anywhere to get achess lesson that is almost as good as being there in the comfort of your own home. Here is how it works.

It is required that the student have an internet connection as well as a phone line. It will be required to be online playing chess while talking on the phone.

The student signs up for an ICC membership (24.95 per year for a student membership). For a complete description of the Internet Chess Club click here. Before his lesson, the child should play a few games on the internet to comfort himself with the interface.

Our AC Instructor will call your child at the scheduled time for the chess lesson. The child logs on to the Internet Chess Club at that time. The Instructor is able to show the student games and positions while talking to the student on the phone. This is an extremely effective lesson.

We use this type of teaching for game analysis. The student enters a game into the Internet interface that he played the week before. The instructor goes through the game in depth and shows the student variations and ideas he may have missed.

The special price for this service is $30 an hour. The best deal anywhere in private chess instruction.

If you are interested in trying an internet chess lesson, please email us here.


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