The Best Scholastic Chess Books

Reading chess books is the old fashioned way and some still say the best way to get better at chess. When you read a chess book be sure to have a chess board nearby. Manually move the pieces as you look at positions and games.

If your lucky enough to be in the Academic Chess Afterschool program, or live close to an Academic Chess tournament, you can get your hands on the best kid's chess booklets ever made. Click Here for a Description.

  • The Egg Book
  • The Snake Book
  • The Lizard Book
  • The Gator Book
  • The Monster Book

For Store bought chess books for kids, we definately recommend Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess for your first chess book This book is still the best chess book written for a number of reasons.

  • It is diagram intensive, making it easy to go through for kids.
  • A chess board is not needed in front of you as most chess books.
  • It is in mass print so it is cheap. Under $8 which is a real bargain for a chess book!
  • It is written by the worlds best player...ever!
  • Bobby Fischer turns out to be a great chess writer.



The Secret Studying Style of Bobby Fischer





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