Women and Chess

1. Chess Goddesses
A site dedicated to the world's strongest chess playing women!
Chess Goddesses

Chess news, chess games and chess links! Chess Lessons and Chess Instructions by Woman Chess Grandmaster Anjelina Belakovskaia. Special chess program - Chess for pleasure, chess for strength... Become a chess expert! - will help you to improve your chess rating and chess understanding. Look at my annotated chess games. Analyze your chess games. Check the information on Chess Tournaments around the World. Also: Chess pictures and news from the chess tournaments. Chess images collection in gif. and jpg. format. Chess online! Chess Politics in the United States Chess Federation (USCF). Chess Worldwide. International Chess Federation (FIDE). Chess for boys, chess for girls, chess for children, chess for adults, chess for women, chess for men, chess for seniors, chess for business people, chess for fun chess for fight - chess for everybody. Chess is a huge part of my life, but my life is not only chess. Stock market trading, fixed income trading, interest rate, mortgages, options, swaps, credit derivatives, equity exotic derivatives trading, weather derivatives trading, energy exotic derivatives structuring and trading, weather-gas and weather-power dual-trigger exotic structures, pricing and structuring energy deals, the rise and fall of energy giants, credit analysis, hedging weather exposure, risk management, analytical solutions and monte-carlo simulations, modeling and quantitative support - I am interested in different aspects of financial life. As you can see in 2001 I was a Weather Derivatives Trader at Williams and in 2002 I was a Senior Portfolio Analyst at Williams. Please read my resume. Welcome to my Chess Page!

3. Dave's Shrine to Judit Polgar
Dave's Shrine to Judit Polgar

4. GM Alexandra Kosteniuk Official Site
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5. Judit Polgar's Home Page
Judit Polgar is the strongest woman chess player ever. This is her site loaded with biographical information, pictures, news stories, etc.
Judit Polgar's Home Page

6. Personal Site of Sanja Petronic Womans IM

7. Photo Gallery of Women in Chess
Some great pictures of some beautiful women ranked players.

8. WGM Anjelina Belakovskaia Web Pages

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