Chess Variants

1. Bishops
Double the Squares, Fun for a foursome. Not to be confused with previous versions of Four Player Chess Long Game ends as Chess. Play online at this site.

Bughouse chess, the popular variant.

3. Cardinal Super Chess
This is a commercial site of a vendor of a chess variant game.
Cardinal Super Chess

4. CHESS - 2, 3 or 4 Player Chess and Checkers games by Chessapeak
CHESS - 4 Player Chess and 4 Play Checkers by Chessapeak: where Chess Players ENJOY PLAYING to IMPROVE their CHESS Skills. Game Descriptions and Rules Available in 6 languages.
CHESS - 2, 3 or 4 Player Chess and Checkers games by Chessapeak

5. Chess Variant Applets
A collection of chess variants that you can download for free and play.

6. Chess2 nx
100 squares and 40 chess pieces define this chess variation which the author claims is a new game for a new generation of players based on the classical format of chess.
Chess2 nx

7. cHEXx
A 2-6 Person chess game Played on Hexes

8. Global Chess
Company claim: Global chess is the ultimate chess challenge for the next millennium! True 64 square chess but with no boundaries!! Can you Conquer the Master Game?? Global Chess is exactly the same as conventional Chess but without any boundaries! Global Chess is Dangerous as Pieces can strike is ALL directions around the globe. Order yours today if you are up to the challenge...
Global Chess

9. HexiChess
3d hexagonal chess

10. Home page of The Chess Variant Pages
Rules, information, and links for games that are a variant of chess: three-dimensional chess games,multiplayer chess variants, historic chess variants, oriental variants, and many more. Look here also for some programs and a chess font.
Home page of The Chess Variant Pages

11. Hyatt's Online Guide to Progressive Chess
Hyatt's Online Guide to Progressive Chess

12. Kung Fu Chess
Fast paced chess mayhem where you never have to wait for your turn! Chess in now an Action Game! Play online at this site for free.
Kung Fu Chess

13. Ministers Chess
Played on a 9x9 Board with two queens.

14. Omega Chess
A chess variant that is made to improve your classical chess game skills! Played on a 10x10 board with two extra pieces, this game has been played by several grand masters including Judith Polgar!
Omega Chess

15. PI Team Chess Game: The Fun Way to Play Chess!
Chess game with an exciting twist: PI Team Chess Game features a multiple player chess game for classrooms, chess clubs, homeschoolers, and the whole family to play.

16. Power Chess and Chess 69
Two chess variations on one site.

17. Quadlevel 3 Dimensional Chess and Checkers
A Three Dimensional version of chess called Quadlevel. 4 half boards stacked on top of one another. Two sets of chessmen, including two Kings.

Play real online chess. E-mail Chess and Webchess. The best BeholderBoard Virtual Chess set on the web. Chess gift shop featuring chess sets and chess boards. Chess software and chess programs. Chess books and videos and chess DVDs

19. Rotary Chess
A game you play against the computer. Complete instructions included.

20. Symmetrical Chess Collection
Derek Nalls invented several chess variants based upon the theme of geometric, perfect symmetry. All have in common that they are played with sliding pieces only which insures fast openings. Recently updated, the collection now contains 39 unique chess-related games.
Symmetrical Chess Collection

21. Transcendental Chess
Inspired by Fischer Random Chess which is similar but has much fewer starting positions, TC is a chess variant where the back rows of pieces is set up in a random position and the bishops are on opposite colored squares.

22. Tri Chess
parlour game, Chess for three.

23. Welcome to AK Chess
Triangle Chess!

24. World War Chess
War game on a chess board. Making the war and chess stuff more literal.

25. Zillions of Games -- Unlimited Board Games & Puzzles
Board games you can play with the computer, other people or over the Internet! Zillions of Games for Windows plays over 300 board games and puzzles. Change rules and add new games. Chess, Checkers, Reversi, Shogi, ...and more.
Zillions of Games -- Unlimited Board Games & Puzzles

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