Chess Teaching Sites

1. Chess Training Program by Prof. Chester Nuhmentz
Chess exercises, books, testing material, score sheets, homework, and supplemental items. Free downloadable instruction material is provided in PDF format as well as free online quizzes and chess stories. The material is designed especially for scholastic and adult amateur use. Realistic chess diagrams are used extensively . The material is in easy-to-follow, interesting formats and helps players develop critical skills for playing strong games.

2. 50 Chess Games for Beginners
An animated chess tutorial program for children and junior players wishing to improve their game. Includes chess openings, notation, grading, a free competition, links and much more.

3. A beginner's Garden of Chess Openings
David A. Wheeler's wonderful primer on the chess Openings.
A beginner's Garden of Chess Openings

4. Caveman Chess

Caveman Chess

5. Chess Academy
Chess Academy in India offers some online tutoring.
Chess Academy

6. Chess Corner
A complete chess resource containing a comprehensive chess tutorial, book and software reviews, find a chess opponent to practise skills, discussion forum and much more.

7. Chess Doctor
Free online downloads and battle strategy for chess games, free online newsletter, free chess battle secrets, free master strategy report, and online chess lessons.

8. Chess is Fun
A great absolute beginners site. Does a good job of teaching the initial rules.

9. Chess Opening Study
A great way to study chess openings.
Chess Opening Study

10. Chess Problems Unlimited
Tactical diagrams for you to work on.
Chess Problems Unlimited

11. Chess Visualisation Training - Free exercises to increase your chess vision
Chess Visualization Training: Play a better game of chess by doing these free online step-by-step exercises which help you to improve your chess vision. Its FREE!

12. Homepage Homepage

13. - Home - Home - Home

A chess site presented by 1994 US Open Chamption IM Georgi Orlov. The Articles, Instruction, On-line chess store with books, chess sets and software, Orlov Chess Camp, Lessons.

15. ChessWise: GM Maurice Ashley! Free Chess Lessons, Online Chess Training GM Michael Rohde!
Chess Training and Chess Lessons. ChessWise is the Internets premier chess training center. We provide online chess lessons and chess training featuring audio lectures by Grandmasters Maurice Ashley and Michael Rohde. Our Chess Super Course is designed for new to intermediate level players. Learn how to play chess in our free course!
ChessWise: GM Maurice Ashley! Free Chess Lessons, Online Chess Training GM Michael Rohde!

16. Exeter Chess Club: Chess Coaching Page
Exeter Chess Club: Chess Coaching Page

17. Learn the Basic Piece movement here
Great site for learning how the pieces move. Nice interface.

18. Logical Chess, Home of Chess on the Web. Learn, read, and study! -
Learn how to play chess well with tactical exercises, strategy and endgame lessons, and example games where every move is explained. These resources include the best games of selected players displayed with commentary for your browsing pleasure. Here you will find resources for players of all skill levels from beginner to master. Someday this site will be the largest and most popular chess site in the world. The best place to take chess lessons, and read about chess.
Logical Chess, Home of Chess on the Web. Learn, read, and study! -

19. Manolis Stratakis Chess Problems Page
A largecollection of unusual as well as classic chess problems, studies, spectacular openings, miniatures and checkmates, links, books, software and finally enter the chess problems competitionand add your name to the Hall of Fame!

20. Mark Lowery's Web Home
A collection of my random thoughts and observations, writings, drawings, cartoon, chess tutorials, and other interesting things. A collecton of my stories, poems, cartoons and art work, backgrounds, gifs, jpgs, thoughts, hobbies, and other general interests of mine. Come visit me!

21. Opening Preparation Page
Suprisingly good online opening preparation database. Play through the moves on a browser.

22. The American Chess Coaching Company
The American Chess Coaching Company

23. The Chesshaven
The place to find a little bit of everything related to chess

24. Tigerchess: Specialising in chess lessons and chess courses
The website of Chess Grandmaster Nigel Davies. Tigerchess offers chess tuition by telephone, chess courses, book reviews and recommendations and many chess articles and problems.

25. Total Chess
GM Gabriel Schwartzman'ssite offering Grandmaster instruction, live web-based play, news, chat and much more!
Total Chess

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