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Run by Chess Maniac Dennis the Menace, one of the most dedicated chess webmasters I have ever met. Dennis has developed a nice chess playing community on his site.

Another email correspondence type site. Great for fans of slow games. You make a move on several boards and then log in next time after your opponent has moved.

3. Caissa's Web Chess Home Page
Caissas Web is a World Wide Web-based chess server that allows members from all over the world to play live, real-time games of chess using an easy-to-use graphical interface.

4. Chess Any Time - Play free online chess !
ChessAnyTime is a free chess gaming zone for all players, from novice to Grandmaster. Play live online chess, chat with your opponent, watch others games and have fun !

5. Chess Hounds\
\ Play and watch chess online. Free.
Chess Hounds\

6. (tm) Train with Grandmasters; play with friends. Play live chess on the Internet with players from around the world. Use our training programs to improve your game. Players at all levels welcome.


8. CORRESPONDENCECHESS.COM - The place to be if you are interested in cc!
The Correspondence Chess Place, The Campbell Report, Ralph Marconis Chess Page, TCCMB, The Correspondence Chess Message Board, CCCA, APCT, CJA, correspondence chess, postal chess, cc, Victor Palciauskas, Vytas Palciauskas, ICCF On-Line Game Archive, X World CC Champion, Tenth World Correspondence Chess Champion, World Correspondence Chess Champion, Free Chess Email Account, Chessgate, CCN, Correspondence Chess News

9. GameKnot -- play chess online! Internet chess games.
An incredibly large chess playing online communtiy.
GameKnot -- play chess online! Internet chess games.

10. - Play Chess Online (Cup of coffee compatible)

11. International Email Chess Group Newsletter
International Email Chess Group Newsletter, the number one free email correspondence chess club for email chess players around the world

12. Internet Chess Club
Probably the best live chess playing interface. Thousands of people online at one time. There is a fee to this service however.
Internet Chess Club

13. Online Chess CA
A collection of chess games, links and downloads.
Online Chess CA

14. The Pawn

The Pawn

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