Chess Computer Software (Playing and Studying)

1. Chess Town
Chess Town

2. Bookup - Killer Chess Openings Software
Professional and free chess software for serious chess players focused on chess openings, theory and chess PGN utilities.

3. Chess Academy Software and Books Homepage
Chess Academy professional database program, huge databases, tutorial program with 25.000+ annotated and classified tutorial examples. Powerful training program, strong playing program, huge opening, middlegame, endgame books

4. Chess Fugue
Chess Fugue

5. Chess Informant

6. Chess Marvel
Chess for the new and experienced player. Download a free copy of the shareware version today and play against a computer opponent.

7. Chess Mentor by Aficionado
Home page of Chess Mentor chess learning software application. Chess Mentor is the most effective computer-based method for learning and improving at chess for players at all levels and ages, from absolute beginner to seasoned expert, whether casual player or tournament competitor.

8. Chess Tiger:
Chess Tiger for Palm, the strongest computer chess program available for the Palm computing platform can be downloaded for free from this page

Several programs including Cheesey Chess, a program designed to teach little kids the rules of chess.

10. ChessGenius
ChessGenius. World Championship winning Chess Programs

11. Chessmaster 9000


13. Rebel XP (DOS edition)
Rebel chess by Ed Schroder

Rebel chess by Ed Schroder

15. Smar think Engine

16. TASC
Excellent teaching software. AC highly recommends.

17. Wilhelm Playing Engine (german)
Schachprogramm Wilhelm

Téléchargement de WinChess


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