Teaching Method

We make chess cool for kids!


A chess lesson consists of 30 dynamic minutes taught by an Academic Chess instructor. Lessons are aided by a 2-dimensional demonstration board, and giant posters of our characters or cartoon versions of chess concepts. This instruction is highly interactive and exciting for the kids. The exact method of relating chess concepts to the students depends upon the grade level being taught.

Play time

Lessons are followed by 30 minutes of playtime on tournament sets that Academic Chess provides. The instructors supervise the play, and play against the students. Oftentimes, out instructors will play multiple games at once.

Academic Chess proves chess doesn't have to be boring for kids!

Chess our way

There are 6 different pieces in chess, which makes it easy for kids to get them confused. Academic Chess compliments each lesson with story lines and artwork, so that kids are able to learn and remember how each piece moves. All pieces are associated with colorful characters, and chess concepts are presented as imaginative stories centered on these characters. Some pieces even have their own song and dance. We have found that structured silliness aids the kids in remembering the basic rules and theories of chess.

Each piece has its own personality and background story. Our instructors use our own high-quality giant posters for each character to give an image to the chess piece they represent, and mimic the characters' actions during the lesson to bring them to life.

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