Great for Schools

Distinguish your school with a unique program!

In-school chess:

  • allows students and teachers to learn to play chess together
  • serves as a mathematics curriculum enhancement
  • comes with free chess sets for the classroom

After-school chess:

  • is a productive alternative to daycare
  • beats watching TV or playing video games
  • offers a self-esteem building activity for children whose forte is not competitive sports

"Now it's the biggest thing. The kids love chess day." - Karen Dahlquist, 6th grade teacher

A comprehensive, refined system:

  • is organized, insured, reliable
  • handles all administration and scheduling without headaches
  • tailors the program to meet each individual school's needs
  • uses trained, TB-tested, fingerprinted instructors

Hear what some folks have to say about Academic Chess:

"The kids love it and I have already seen that is has made a difference with the students. In fact, one of my most challenged students is the most enthusiastic about this program."
- Jill McDonald, 2nd grade teacher

"Academic Chess is an opportunity for the kids to come together for the fame itself, but it also has become an avenue to motivate students in their school work."
- Doug Kramer, Principal

"The generation raised on Super Nintendo and computer games is finding a whole new thrill in the face-to-face challenge of chess."
- Catherine Keefe, of the Orange County Register

"Now it's the biggest thing. The kids love chess day!"
- Karen Dahlquist, 6th grade teacher

"Academic Chess turns kids around."
- Don Mahoney, Principal

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