Chess and Parents

Parents praise the Academic Chess program!

Why parents are excited about Academic Chess

Here are some of the things we hear from parents of Academic Chess students:

  • after-school chess is a great alternative to video games
  • our family spends time together playing chess now
  • after-school chess is "smart" day care
  • chess is a quiet, safe, and aesthetically appealing activity
  • chess actually increases mental alertness
  • chess has increased my child's interest in intellectual activities
  • my child performs better in school because of Academic Chess


Parents love to see their children succeed!

Parents are proud of their little chess geniuses!

Parents strive to balance activities such as athletics with academics in their children's schedules. Chess provides an excellent step towards achieving this balance. Kids receive academic instruction in the in-school and after-school program, and get to participate in a social environment at the competitive tournaments hosted by Academic Chess.

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