Fischer, annoyed that he lost his first game (click here to see the game) in his first encounter with Boris Spassky, wrote this famous article which you can read in this convenient format by clicking through the moves by hitting the arrow keys to the right.

Fischer got crushed by Spassky in the King's Gambit, a favorite line of Spasskys who was nicknamed the "Knight of the King's Gambit." Back then, playing the King's Gambit was still fashionable among grandmasters.

Fischer was so infuriated by the loss, that when he got home he wrote an article entitled "A Bust to the King's Gambit.". This article became the most famous article about an opening ever, and it had devastating affects on the King's Gambit opening.

Since that article, the King's Gambit has disappeared entirely from Grand Master play. After this article, no player, including Spassy, who played Fischer over 40 times, ever tried the King's Gambit against Fischer despite the fact Fischer never won a tournament game to it! Just goes to show how might Fischer's pen was!

TO SEE ARTICLE PLAY THROUGH THE MOVES OF THE GAME BY CLICKING THE ARROWS. Make sure you look at all the variation moves to see all of Fischer's comments.

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