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Spassky vs Bent Larsen 1970 Belgrade Queen's Cookie Attack 17 In this modern day masterpiece, two of the strongest grandmasters in the world at the time duke it out. Spassky illustrates in stunning clarity, the power of the passed pawn, and why even grandmasters should castle early.


Spassky vs Aftonomov 1949 Leningrad Queens Gambit 21 In this game, Spassky was only 12 years old. This game is an excellent illustration of the power of the open files and the proper way to use open them.


Spassky vs Petrosian

1969 World Championship Sicilian 24 In a world championship match you rarely see a blistering crush because of the defensive strengths of top players. In this game Spassky blasts Petrosian out of the water with a perfectly executed pawn storm.


Spassky vs Penrose 1969 Palma de Morallca King's Indian 49 Spassky shows how to blow away your opponent in a closed position. An extremely instructive game on how to play a closed position.


Spassky vs Bronstein 1960 Leningrad King's Gambit 29 World Champions, Spassky takes advantage of Bronstein's strange development to mount a blistering attack.























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