The Pride and the Sorrow of Chess...

The Ultimate Coffee House Player

Games Played: 302
Games Won: 223 74%
Games Drawn:

25 9%

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1. Morphy vs the Dukes 1858 Paris Opera Philidors 17 The Opera Game. The most famous chess game in chess history. Morphy crushes two Dukes playing at the same time, and the game is proof that pairing two mediocre players does not double their talent.
2. Marache vs Morphy 1857 US Champ. Evan's Gambit 19 Morphy shows how to accept a gambit as black, and then win quickly...a very difficult feat. Morphy shows why he is the dominating player of his day. See more Morphy brilliancies.
3. Morphy vs Alonzo 1849 New Orleans Evan's Gambit 21 Queen in the middle and King in the center, is a bad combination for Alonzo. Morphy finished this game with a brilliant double checkmate.


Morphy vs Alonzo 1848 New Orleans King's Gambit 19 Morphy takes control of the center in this game in a big way.
5. Morphy vs. Dominguez 1864 Havana Center Gambit 20 Make mistakes against Morphy in an open game and you will lose fast. Botvinick said that no one was better at open positions than morphy.


Morphy vs Carr 1858 Birmingham No Opening 25 In this game, black plays a completely fishy opening hwre he plays h6 and a5 for his first two moves and gets severely punished.
7. Morphy vs Mac Connel 1849 New Orleans Fish Defence 23 Black brings his queen out early and is severely punished.
8. Blindfold Simultaneous exhibit 1859 Paris Various   Morphy takes on 8 challengers blindfolded. One of the most amazing exhibitions of human genius ever.
        ALL 302 of Morphy's recorded games. These games are not annotated, so you will have to figure them out yourself.

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