The Story of Paul Morphy


Paul Morphy is considered to be one of the best chess players of all time, when considering how he dominated his time period.

Born in New Orleans in 1837 he took the Chess World by storm much life Fischer did. Like Fischer, he travelled to Europe to compete with the greatest European masters of chess, defeating every one of his opponents. Shortly after establishing his dominance in chess, Morphy, like Fischer, completely stopped playng.

He is often referred to as “the pride and sorrow of chess.” Although he was widely recognized as the best player in the world, he retired at the peek of his powers before he was officially recognized as world champion.

Bobby Fischer considered himself a rebirth of Paul Morphy’s spirit, and it is amazing the similarities between the two. Both were American in a time of European dominance in chess. Both would make huge explosions on the scene and then go to Europe to beat the Europeans at their own game. And both would mysteriously disappear out of the chess world.
Paul Morphy had an active professional chess career of only two years. In this time he played countless brilliant chess games that are still looked upon with awe today. He gave up chess in order to pursue a life as a doctor. He was never happy in his new life and died unhappy as a recluse.




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