• Fischer spent much of his prize money on fancy clothes.
  • When he was younger he was pictures wearing holey blue jeans, flannel shirts, two different colors of converse shoes….. At age 16 he did an about face in style and started wearing stylish suits.
  • His quote on the subject,” Yeh, I used to dress badly until I was about sixteen. But people just didn't seem to have enough respect for me, you know And I didn't like that, so I decided I'd have to show them they weren't any better than me, you know? They were sort of priding themselves. They would say he beat us at chess, but he's still just an uncouth kid. So I decided to dress up."
  • He only wore tailor made shoes, tailor made suits, and tailor made shirts.
  • Once Fischer had himself a pair of tailor made boxer shorts to the amazement of the tailor.
  • Fancy dressing is one of the few passions Fischer ever expressed other than chess in a public interview.