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"Chess Brilliance is brilliance of the struggle, filled with artistic content"

-Alexander Alekhine

1. Alekhine Vs Levenfish 1912 St. Petersburg
The Funky Fish
19 Alekhine shows just how deadly two pawns in the center can be in this thriller of a chess game.


Alekhine Vs Dr.Euwe


 1921 Hague
 Giuoco Piano
12  Dr. Euewe is actually a former world champion who is famous for his chess books. One of his chess books, Amateur Vs Master, is on the Academic Chess recommended reading list. Ironically, in this game, Alekhine makes Euwe look like an amateur by beating him in only 12 moves


Alekhine Vs Forrester 1970 Belgrade
Ruy Lopez
15 Ruy Lopez. Alekhine uses a battering ram pawn and two well positioned bishops to expose and checkmate the king.


Alekhine Vs Lovewell  1920 New Orleans
Giuoco Piano
23 Alekhine uses a thematic checkmate attack on the castled king to crush his opponent quickly.


Alekhine Vs Lugowski 1949 Leningrad
Giuoco Piano
14 Alekhine uses an open f-file to take advantage of his opponent's uncastled king.


Alekhine Vs Mikul

1950 Berlin
King's Gambit
19 Alekhine opens the g and f file to stage a terrific attack against the black king.


Alekhine vs Oscar  1863 Cologne
Bishop's Opening
15  Alekhine drags the uncastled king out into the middle of the board before checkmating him.


Alekhine vs Robles
Madrid (simul)
Ruy Lopez
22 An educational center struggle leaves Alekhine a piece up in the endgame. A beautiful tactic forces the trade of queens into an engame. The engame comes in just 22 moves!


Alekhine vs Rowena
12 A fast attack on f7. White uses a Knight sacrifice to pull the king out and then checkmate him.


Alekhine vs Schroeder   1939 New York
 Center Game
15 Alekine takes advantage of his opponent's early activation of his queen, to gain fast development and then finally trap the queen.


Alekhine Vs Vasich  1931 New York
French Defense
11 A fine attack on e7 using the bishop pair. Alekhine sacrifices his queen to open up the king and then finished him off using his bishops.
12. Alekhine vs Nimzowitsch 1931 Lake Bled
French Defense
19 In this game Alekhine beats masterfully, Aaron Nimzowitsch the #2 player in the world, and future Chess World Champion. Alekhine would later gleefully brag that at 19 moves, this game is the fastest loss in Nimzowitsch's career.









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